Rewards Program - Coming Soon

Join North Bend Escapes Rewards to earn points for gift cards when you book one of our vacation rentals. Every dollar that you spend on North Bend Escapes with a direct booking will turn into 1 point that can be redeemed for gift cards at retailers. When you book any of our vacation rentals on North Bend Escapes and redeem your reward, the digital gift cards that you redeemed will be sent to your account's email within 24 hours. The retailers that we currently offer are Apple, Amazon, Starbucks, Target, Microsoft, Walmart, Best Buy, and Nike. These digital gift cards are redeemable in any store nationwide or online at their websites. We will add points to your account after you have stayed at our vacation rentals.

The digital gift cards will have the redeemed dollar amount on the card. It is as easy as opening your email when we send the digital gift card and redeeming it online or in store. We want to provide the most value as possible when you stay at our vacation rentals. Click on the blue rewards icon in the bottom right corner of your screen to join the rewards program. This rewards button has an image of a present in the bottom right corner. Here, you will be able to redeem your rewards and check your point balance.

Rewards Offered on North Bend Escapes


300 Points: $10 Amazon Gift Card

800 Points: $25 Amazon Gift Card

1600 Points: $50 Amazon Gift Card


300 Points: $10 Starbucks Gift Card

800 Points: $25 Starbucks Gift Card

1600 Points: $50 Starbucks Gift Card


800 Points: $25 Apple Gift Card

1600 Points: $50 Apple Gift Card

3000 Points: $100 Apple Gift Card


300 Points: $10 Target Gift Card

800 Points: $25 Target Gift Card

1600 Points: $50 Target Gift Card


300 Points: $10 Microsoft Gift Card

800 Points: $25 Microsoft Gift Card

1600 Points: $50 Microsoft Gift Card


300 Points: $10 Walmart Gift Card

800 Points: $25 Walmart Gift Card

1600 Points: $50 Walmart Gift Card

Best Buy

300 Points: $10 Best Buy Gift Card

800 Points: $25 Best Buy Gift Card

1600 Points: $50 Best Buy Gift Card


800 Points: $25 Nike Gift Card

1600 Points: $50 Nike Gift Card

3000 Points: $100 Nike Gift Card