About North Bend

North Bend is a town in King County, Washington that was founded in 1909. Over the last century, North Bend transformed into a town of adventure and escapes. From 1990-1991, the show Twin Peaks became a hit and was set in the surrounding of North Bend. Notable attractions of North Bend include Mount Si, Rattle Snake Lake, Rattle Snake Ledge, Snoqualmie Falls, and the Snoqualmie Casino. North Bend also is nearby to the Snoqualmie Pass in the winter which has several ski resorts. These ski resorts include Summit and Alpental which become quite popular in the winter months when they open. 

North Bend Escapes has seven vacation rental homes in North Bend, Washington and provides valuable experiences to our guests. We can arrange a wedding at our larger properties and provide a rewards program to give back to the guest. When you join our loyalty program you will gain points for booking directly on North Bend Escapes Rewards. The rewards program includes gift cards from Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Target, Walmart, Nike, and Best Buy. When you book direct in our loyalty program, you do not have to pay service fees that other online travel agencies charge. We are focused on providing value to our guests in any way possible and saving them money when booking directly is our top priority. The rewards program is coming soon.

Location and Directions to North Bend

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